#50 Ophelia Deroy – Perception, metacognition and science communication

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In this podcast, we talk with philosopher and cognitive scientist, Ophelia Deroy. Ophelia is professor at the Ludwig Maxmillian University in Munich where she directs the interdisciplinary research group Cognition, Value, and Behaviour. Her research concerns a wide range of topics including decision-making, social cognition, perception, and the interaction between humans and artificial intelligence. She has done research in both philosophy and cognitive science, involving publication of many academic books and numerous articles in research journals. Related, Ophelia has also collaborated with museums such as the Tate Museum in London. The present interview touches upon multiple topics. We begin with Ophelia’s own research background before moving into a discussion of the scientific research on sensing. Following this, the interview addresses the topic of metacognition and closes with Ophelia’s broader perspectives on science communication. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did. I find Ophelia’s perspectives on these matters deeply engaging and exciting.

I highly recommend checking out Ophelia’s website where you can dive into her work (www.opheliaderoy.com). 

We hope that you will enjoy the conversation!

Production: Heine Volder

Music: Victor Lange

Photo: Victor Cornelius

Ophelia Deroy