#45 Natural wine – art or agriculture? Beatriz from Clos Kixhaya

Hør afsnittet

Welcome to Regnfang’s new podcast series on natural wine. For those listeners who are already familiar with the Regnfang podcast, this theme might be a bit puzzling. After all, our podcasts normally tap into the topic of the human mind by interviewing scientists, authors, and artists. What does natural wine have to do with this topic?

For us, natural wine has everything to do with the human mind—ranging from the work in the fields, the vinification, and the drinking of it. We are personally deep admirers; fascinated by the people who make it and the profound experiences these wines offer.

Throughout the years, one question has returned to us again and again: is natural wine an art form, or is it merely an agricultural product? This is an intriguing question. The best answer might be that it is both. Natural wine is clearly an agricultural product. It is produced through the cultivation of the natural environment, through methods such as pruning, plowing, and harvesting. Yet, it also seems to be an artistic product, an art form. Natural wine represents a place, it expresses the spirit of the winemaker, and it offers a deep and multi-modal experience of both perceptual and reflective aspects. That is, natural wine seems to be a unique artistic medium—among other things, because it draws so much on taste and smell, compared to other genres such as music and literature.

In this episode, you will meet winemaker Beatriz. Beatriz produces wine together with Etinne Le Blanc. Their domain is called Clos Kixhaya and is located in Loire, more precisely in Chino. Their wines are truly amazing and we really, really recommend them. We were lucky to taste a handful of them at the wine fair La GoulAyance in Paris. The interview is recorded at this wine fair, which explains the bit of background noise you might hear.

Follow Clos Kixhaya on Instragram and find out buy some of their wonderful wine: https://www.instagram.com/clos_kixhaya/?hl=da

We hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did!  

Clos Kixhaya