#40 Psychedelic Insights Part 7: Vincent Verroust – indigenous reciprocity and intellectual property of psilocybin

Hør afsnittet

In this podcast, you will meet PhD candidate in the history of science at the Université Picardie – Jules Vernes in France and associate researcher at the Paul Brousse hospital, Vincent Verroust. Verroust current PhD investigations focus on the discovery of psilocybin fungi in the west and are based on the archives of Prof. Roger Heim (1900 – 1979), which are kept at the French National Museum of Natural History, and contain a large volume of correspondence with the two psychedelic pioneers R. Gordon Wasson and Albert Hofmann. Apart from doing psychedelic research, Verroust is also founder and board member of the French Psychedelic Society. In the podcast Verroust provides a critical examination of the concept of ‘indigenous reciprocity’ as it is sometimes used within psychedelic research with regards to psilocybin.

We hope you will enjoy the conversation!

Host: Sidsel Marie

Production: Heine Volder

Music: Victor Lange

This podcast was made in a collaboration between Regnfang and Cepda – the Danish Center for Psychedelic Awareness.

The music in the podcast was made by Victor Lange.


Thank you to the OPEN Foundation for organizing and funding the ICPR conference and for providing us a quiet space during the conference for doing the podcast recordings.

Illustrations by Lizette Rosager

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Vincent Verroust