#37 Psychedelic Insights Part 4: Corine de Boer – MDMA-assisted therapy

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In this podcast you will meet, Ph.D. and Chief Medical Officer at MAPS Public Benefit Corporation, Corine de Boer. The abbreviation ‘MAPS’ stands for the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. MAPS has since its formation in 1986 been a prominent actor in the efforts of re-legitimizing the therapeutic use of psychedelic substances, especially with regards to MDMA-assisted therapy for people suffering from PTSD. MAPS has not only supported research and clinical efforts, but also made big contributions to the larger psychedelic ecosystem which includes being involved in public education, policy and harm reduction. In the US, MAPS has succeeded in getting MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD all the way to phase 3 clinical trials, and if everything goes as planned, this will be a legal treatment option in the US within the next couple of years. It is expected that Europe will follow that development soon after. In this podcast, we talk with de Boer about the potential of MDMA-assisted therapy more generally and about the current status of research in MDMA-assisted therapy in Europe more specifically.

We hope you will enjoy the conversation!

Host: Kevin Mikkelsen

Production: Heine Volder

Music: Victor Lange

This podcast was made in a collaboration between Regnfang and Cepda – the Danish center for psychedelic awareness.

The music in the podcast was made by Victor Lange.

Thank you to the OPEN Foundation for organizing and funding the ICPR conference and for providing us a quiet space during the conference for doing the podcast recordings.

Illustrations by Lizette Rosager

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