#36 Psychedelic Insights Part 3: David Dupuis – the importance of context & concerns for future pursuits

Hør afsnittet

In this podcast you will meet social anthropologist, clinical psychologist, and INSERM research fellow, David Dupuis. The last decade, Dupuis has conducted fieldwork among psychedelic users and practitioners in Latin America and Europe. His work especially focuses on contemporary recharacterizations and socialization of psychedelic usage and, more broadly, on the comparative study of relationships between “hallucinations” and culture.
In the following conversation we talk with Dupuis about his research and about some of the aspects we ought to pay attention to in the forthcoming years as the psychedelic renaissance continues to unfold.

We hope you will enjoy the conversation!


  • Read more about Dupuis’ work here

Host: Sidsel Marie

Production: Heine Volder

Music: Victor Lange

This podcast was made in a collaboration between Regnfang and Cepda – the Danish center for psychedelic awareness.

The music in the podcast was made by Victor Lange.

Thank you to the OPEN Foundation for organizing and funding the ICPR conference and for providing us a quiet space during the conference for doing the podcast recordings.

Illustrations by Lizette Rosager

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