#33 Psychedelic Insights Prelude: An introduction to psychedelics and the ‘psychedelic renaissance’

Hør afsnittet

Welcome to “Psychedelic Insights” – a podcast series made by Regnfang and The Danish Center for Psychedelic Awareness. In this first episode of the series we want to begin with giving you a crash course in what psychedelics are, and highlight some of the reasons why they have become such a prominent research focus and object of public interest in recent years.

Most of the 10 ensuing episodes of the series were recorded at the Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research, 2022, which took place between the 22nd and 24th of September 2022 in the Haarlem Philharmonie near to Amsterdam. In the series you will meet 10 speakers from the conference who all do research or work within the psychedelic field. Each of them takes different perspectives to the study and usage of psychedelic substances, and our hope is that the episodes will collectively leave you with an impression of the variety of themes and interests currently at play in the blooming interest in psychedelics.


Host: Sidsel Marie

Production: Heine Volder

Music: Victor Lange 

This podcast was made in a collaboration between Regnfang and Cepda – the Danish center for psychedelic awareness.

The music in the podcast was made by Victor Lange.

Thank you to the OPEN Foundation for organizing and funding the ICPR conference and for providing us a quiet space during the conference for doing the podcast recordings.

Illustrations by Lizette Rosager

Follow the links to learn more about Cepda and Regnfang